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Deck-building, board control, and tactics for 2-4 players; Dali meets Dune. 60-120 minutes.

True Messiah is coming soon!

(True Messiah is currently on Kickstarter; to learn more about True Messiah and help it get a proper release, please visit http://truemessiahgame.com)


It is the near future; Earth. Years ago, scientists successfully constructed the Belief Engine, a machine that warps reality based on peoples' strongly held beliefs. The machine was turned on for testing, but it proved too sensitive: widespread belief in the depravity of man and fears of social collapse suddenly took on the full force of objective fact, and science skepticism rendered the Engine's creators helpless to intervene. Without resort to a shared external reality, civilization crumbled like a sand castle in the tide.

From the ruins have now arisen cults led by charismatic, messianic figures possessed of seemingly divine powers derived from the still-functioning Engine. You are one such a figure—the true one, the Messiah. It is God's will that you build temples and marshal followers, then mold their beliefs to perform miracles and destroy your rivals. They'll be doing the same, but don't worry–God is on your side…


Evocative; bizarre; horrifying. Inspired in part by the works of Zdzisław Beksiński, True Messiah's art style represents a grim blend of religious symbolism and post-apocalyptic surrealism.


True Messiah supports 2 to 4 players--when the game begins, you each choose your messiah. You will recruit followers, build temples, and deploy miracles to destroy the false prophets who dare to challenge you for control over the wasteland.

At the end of each round, you'll use your ill-gotten gains to bid in secret against the other players to acquire new miracles for your religion. Most of the miracles in the market are uniques, which means that you'll be constructing a deck with vastly different powers from everyone else at the table over the course of every game! The first player to defeat an enemy player wins.

To learn more about True Messiah and help it get a proper release, please visit http://truemessiahgame.com